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14. ART SORORITY FOR GIRLS – “Older Boys” Art Sorority For Girls is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Daoud Tyler-Ameen, a Washington D.C.-via New York performer who has spent his career contributing to many projects in the “anti-folk” scene. Tyler-Ameen is a journalist, too, writing for NPR Music’s website, but as a songwriter he has really struck gold. “Older Boys” is his second full-length offering under the Art Sorority band-name after a string of now rare EPs. His knack for telling stories is matched by his ability to craft memorable tunes and his world is a very carefully constructed one full of obscure details. It’s a Wes Anderson-type of world of painstakingly written letters, art projects involving construction paper and various other specific touches. To his credit, it never comes off as precious or twee because you believe every word he sings. Even when he’s delivering a cover, as he does here with a performance of Yoko O.K.’s “All Year, Again,” he brings his own sensibility. This is a well-crafted, very specific album that will stick with you. Daoud Tyler Ameen is a storyteller at his core with each song uniquely unveiling a chapter.


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Awesomeness. I always knew.
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