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Has anyone had someone buy something of their's on bandcamp where the buyer and their address make you think of a spammer?
 It's a name using the Russian alphabet and they paid about 10 times what I asked.

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Most definitely never had that happen to me. But funny story about Bandcamp. The BTP comp is still up there and gets a few hits from time to time. The last sale I had from it, however, bandcamp took all the money, and it seems I owe them for it. Here's the actual verbiage sent via email...

Greetings Brooklyn Tea Party,

Chris B********* (cbuck*****@msn.com) just paid $1.00 for:

 Boom Chick, Cryin' Rooster by Boom Chick, digital track, $1.00
Order total (USD):1.00
Revenue share (15%):-0.15
Applied to your revenue share balance*:-0.75
Payment processor fee (PayPal):-0.10
Your share:0.00

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 In one sense, it's dumb to use these organizations, because what they do is set up a website and then everybody else makes products and sells them there and gives them a pretty big cut.

 I recently decided against selling more books on amazon.dum. When/if I do, it breaks down sort-of like this:
 My book (so I already invested money in it) sells for $10. Amazon.dum charges customer $10 + $4 shipping. So, now the customer is paying $14. amazon takes like $4. I am left with $10, but I have to supply the packaging, I have to wrap it all up, I have to go to the post office and I have to pay shipping, which now is close to $4. so, they get $4 for having the website and I get $6 for doing everything else, which like I said, includes providing the product.

 As for bandcamp, I do not have the tech knowledge to set up my own site and I am willing to give them the cut they ask for.

 @SpeakerSonic  I am guessing that some of what they took from you in the above transaction is being banked, or is due to the low amount they are getting, and that if 100 more people do that you will come out ahead money-wise.

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Never had this specifically happen. Though I have had people respond to my music using different a alphabet (Japanese/ Chinese) and I had no idea what they were saying? I've experience a couple of people who have payed more than the amount listed. As long as you always sign to your account directly through the website I think you are safe. I don't know for sure but I wouldn't assume that just because it's Russian that it's not legit. Jeffery Lewis has played in Russia. When I went to Moscow with my sister I hung out with a couple folks who helped put on one of his shows there and they were very cool folks I think general fans of the Antifolk scene.
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