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 A friend tells me that people aren't really buying CDs (and CDRs) anymore.
 How have things changed in the last 5 years regarding fans buying CDs at shows?

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I still sell CDs at live shows. I also buy them sometimes for as cheap as $3 a piece used. It's easy to forget because not so many people in NY have cars but I believe people still listen to CDs in their cars.

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 I've ridden in two vehicles recently that take flashdrives.

 Have you noticed bandcamp sales increase while on tour?

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Ditto on the CD car situation. A friend of mine loaned me his car for two weeks while I was building my space. He has a 6 disc changer in there and it was nice to listen to old CD albums front to back. I dug it. 

Personally, I haven't bought a new CD in a long while, but I'm given them from time to time from artists I work with and friends who want me to hear their new record. 

The last album I bought was Adele's 25, for my wife, at Christmas time. We listened to that thing for a week while we were visiting family in Indiana, also driving around in a car. We still listen to it here at the apartment, though it's been loaded into iTunes now. 

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   I always joke that I'm one of the last four people who still buy cds. I love cds. I'm a cd man. But the fact seems that people seem not as interested in that format anymore. I have a wishful hope that they will come back into favor. And I've noticed that the price of cds by new artists have gone up a dollar or two more per cd.
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