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 I rehearse
 over 10 hours a week. 1 50%
 around 6 hours a week. 1 50%
 around 3 hours a week. 0 0%
 not at all. 0 0%
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Barry N. Bliss

Posts: 27
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Most folks I know don't play every night, or even every week, or even every month.
 When you aren't playing a lot, how much do you rehearse?
 I know that it may vary, but can you give some sort of general answer that covers the bases?

 I was talking to a performer last night that basically does not rehearse, while I rehearse on average for maybe an hour a day, some days more, some days not at all.
Jeffrey Lewis

Posts: 1
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I almost never rehearse, wish I did... that's how songs often get written too... the rehearsing that happens, the more writing tends to happen!
Barry N. Bliss

Posts: 27
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You play quite a few shows though.
 I realize that's not the same, especially regarding what you said about writing.

Posts: 103
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For roughly the past year, when we don't play shows, Schwervon! rehearses an average of 5 days a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I think it's been good for us on most levels. We play better, we are writing tons of songs and I think we listen better too.

Posts: 3
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It depends on what's happening any given week, but I try to play an hour a day.  Some days a lots more, some none at all.  I don't play shows very often, but it just feels good to play and the more I play the more I write.

The style of music I'm playing now (instrumental guitar) feels more demanding on me - if I skip a few days of play my fingers can't move as I like and it takes a few more days to get back up to speed.

Since moving from New York I haven't practiced singing, and it's sort of shocking to try to sing now.  I can do it, but it's much harder to control.
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