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Humboldt  House 
Oh, Humboldt  House. 
My humbled, hobbled Humboldt House.
As I recall upon my maiden voyage for your festive shores 
I found myself deeply lost among the seas of Brooklyn. 
I over shot your street and discovered a bakery I had not known before. 
As I recall they served a decent cup of coffe and a very serviceable blue berry muffin. 
I wouldn't call it an especially important moment in my life. 
In fact it's one I might have possibly never recalled again if it weren't for this moment right now. 
Thank you for that moment. 
We had many good times didn't we Humboldt House? 
But not so many as others. 
I'm sure of that.
I know from the stories that I've heard.
But, for me,  I do not recall a bad time.  
Only embarrassing dance party photos
And the odd morning hang over. 
I will miss you Humboldt house  
Like I will miss all of my good times.  
But no more. 
Like all good shells it is what happens inside of you that makes you special. 
You were a good shell. 
You were no better than the life that grew inside of you. 
You showed me countless joy and love. 
Thank you.

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