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Barry N. Bliss

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What are your thoughts on the fact that your art, writing, and/or music online may be hurting your chances of getting hired to do work that pays money?

 Should an artist use a pseudo-name, or not put things online at all, if they have views considered controversial by society, especially while looking for work?

 Just how prevelant are internet searches when it comes to potential employers and background checks?

 If an art model is nude in an online photo, can it hurt his chances of becoming a summer camp counselor?

 If a writer speaks out online against the governement, how likely is it that it will kill her chances of working for the post office or the parks and recreation department?

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Good questions. I have never had a problem.
Chris Andersen

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I got hired by the P.O. and I've said some pretty wacky stuff (and occasionally anti-government) on the internet. It might help that I have a fairly common name, but they put me through an FBI background check and everything, and it wasn't a problem. I wasn't super vocal, either, I guess. 

Is Barry a diminutive of anything? Like, Bernard, or something? If so, you could put Bernard on your resume, then they would most likely end up searching that, and not think to look for Barry.
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