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Steve Espinola

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I posted this to my Facebook page:


John Marshall was an eccentric, talkative and memorable contributor to the Sidewalk Cafe scene of the 90s. He has passed away. I never knew the extent of his accomplishments, and I found this an interesting and impressive read.

I must admit, personally, I found him to be a difficult man. There was a period where he called me a whole lot, and perhaps eventually I stopped returning his messages. Nonetheless, I think he appreciated me, and I wish I could have helped him better on the projects he was trying to get off the ground. Eventually, I guess, he stopped coming around. I don't know much about his final years, but I hope there was a richness to them. RIP, John, you shining character, you.



(PS.  This is my first post on the new forum.  It took me a while to realize it was up.  Hi all!)


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Thanks for sharing Steve. And welcome.
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