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 Why is the OJ board less popular and not used like it used to be?

 Are people seeing it as a Kansas thing now that Matt has moved to Kansas?

 Are people seeing it as a Schwervon! thing and not truly neutral or for all equally?

 None of those? What do you have to type?

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Hey B,

Couple of thoughts.

1. Social media is evolving. I think most artist do the Facebook/Twitter thing more to network and stay in touch with their fans/ community.

2. The OJ site has gone through a major evolution in the past year. The format changed. I no longer sell stuff from it. I had to change the board format (again) which requires people to re-register.

3. I haven't been doing as much engineering and producing. I believe this motivated people to check out the site more often. I'm also less active in posting content etc.. all due to the fact that I've been a lot more busy with personal music projects. I occasionally share stuff here from my musical projects, in hopes that it motivates others to do the same. I've tried not to over share here. I wasn't intended to be just a vanity project but who knows? Most original content that I produce these days can be found through the Schwervon! website: http://schwervon.com/

All this being said I really do enjoy your contributions and the exchanges that occur here. I think there has been some good input and  quality discourse here, though not as much as in the past it's true. That being said there is also less trolling activity, which I don't miss. Also keep in mind that not all people care to comment and just because you may feel like the only voice, there are others listening. As always I appreciate and invite any and all suggestions for making this site better!



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