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Nothing shocking here:

Jeffrey Lightning Lewis

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Hmmm, I'm curious who those 1% artists are, like how many artists are in that 1%.  A thousand?  A million?  Is the 1% basically any artists you've ever heard of, considering how many artists all over the ENTIRE WORLD you have certainly never heard of?  The "99%" must be so vast that even the "1%" might be a pretty sizable number.  When you really consider the big picture of the music industry in that worldwide sense, it's almost a surprise that 77% of the income isn't held by something like 0.00001% of the artists.  
One of the guys in the comments section thinks that he is not listening to 1% artists because he listens to "obscure" artists like Brian Eno and Mogwai and Scott Walker.  Some people...

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Supposedly this is a summary of a more thorough report that you can read if you join the site MIDiA (?).
 Maybe it gives some names, maybe not.
 I haven't even seen exactly where it is, and from a few comments I read other places, I am not the only one.

 I also wonder how big this 1% is.
 Does it include Regina Spektor?
 It's possible it even includes you Jeff, if they are saying there are 12,000,000 musical acts out this year.
 It is not possible that it includes me, no matter what they did.[smile]

"Mark Mulligan on March 6, 2014 at 10:31 pm said:

If anyone has signed up to the blog but has not yet received the report please email me at mark AT midiaconsulting DOT COM and I will send the report directly to you."

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