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 I have mentioned this before, and I don't know who reads stuff on this site besides Matt and myself, but I'd like to hear some thoughts.
 I have a trunk full of old cdrs of my music.
Hundreds and hundreds of cdrs.
 They have sat untouched for years.
 At what point (if ever) do I just toss them?

 Find a few old fans and give them one of each?

 One thought has always been "Well, if all of a sudden I get asked to go on tour with someone I will be able to take them as merch", but at what point (again, if ever) does that excuse become invalid?
 I'm not big on keeping things I do not need.

 Any thoughts are welcome. [comp]


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My cdrs don't play anymore. Make sure the tracks are preserved

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 That did not occur to me.
I kind-of like the idea that my earliest albums may soon dissapear unless someone has digitized them.
I may jump in and do it, but I may let them fade away, like probably 99% of all songs ever written have.

 These in the trunk have been kept really well, and some are not that old, so they probably work.
 It'd possibly be a relief to know they didn't and to dump them all, but they probably do and I am not prepared to destroy them right now.

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New thoughts about "digitizing" after reading the article about digitized movies.
 A friend was saying the more copies and the more formats that material is on the better chance it has of surviving, which is a good point.

 Another friend, the one that sent me the movie link, says digital is in no way as reliable or long lasting as a lot of us (at least me) have been thinking.

 Note: @dizozza  I recognize that you never typed the word "digitize". You simply wrote "preserved".
                        How are you currently preserving your tracks?

 Casey? Schwervon!?, Everyone else, how are y'all storing your audio info?
                              Are you regularly moving it around?
                              Are you storing it in multiple formats?

 @Matt Ya'll have a few LPs. Is there a thick master plate the LP was cut from in storage somehwere?

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digital media is not stable whether it's on a CD or on a hard drive. eventually these things will not work anymore. depends on the type of disc but any CD or DVD has a finite shelf life, we just don't know exactly what it is (as far as I know) because the oldest CD in existence at this point is still not very old, and it probably also depends on the conditions under which media is stored (temperature etc). to me, the best solution is to make sure that all media you consider very important exists in multiple places. you might want to put all your own records on a hard drive, and then keep a backup of that hard drive. then you might also want to keep them on a remote drive, cloud storage or whatever.

all the music i record exists on an internal hard drive and gets backed up regularly to an external hard drive.

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 My understanding is a record will last way longer than a hard drive, though you can of course keep moving the info that is on the hard drive onto new hard drives.
 As for "cloud", let's remember they are just hard drives that you have no control of. I suppose in the case of using "cloud" services you are counting on thme to keep transferring the data for you. (You being anyone, not just Casey.)

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I would say given them away at your next show. If people don't take them or everyone at the show already has them then find some new people to play for. But I bet if you did a show where everyone gets a free CD, while supplies last, you'd probably get rid of them.
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